"We have rented with Roots Realty for three years now at two different locations and been really pleased with the quality and affordability of their properties.  Moreover, they are efficient and responsive to maintanence request and are friendly people."

Jason Rafferty & Sally Garner

Residents 62 Maney Avenue

"I lived at 23 Grove for about a year and a half. In addition to being one of the only dog-friendly buildings in town, the location is absolutely unbeatable. I also can't say enough about the friendliness and attentiveness of the building's owner and management staff. I absolutely recommend the building to anyone. "

John Guthrie

Resident 23 Grove Street

"Jason, Nina and the Roots team are the best. Super friendly and anytime we need something, they are quick to respond."

Sam Majors

Residents 23 Grove Street

"I've really enjoyed living in the building under Roots management. When you have an issue, they repair it quickly. All of the people that work for them are great and they are constinantly make improvments to the building."

Brian Williams

Residents 62 Maney Avenue

I have been very lucky to have landed this fabulous little apartment in Weaverville thanks to Jason's patience and my perseverance. Roots Realty has a terrific and responsive management team, and everyone is very friendly and efficient.
I've only been here six months, but this is home to me. Beautiful historic building and great neighbors. An extra plus is that the Roots Realty NC staff is pet-friendly!
My pet turkey is somewhat of a local celebrity here.  Doesn't get much better than that!
Thanks, Jason, Nina, and team!

Lauren Dunning

Residents 9 Lakeshore Drive



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